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Online Video Streaming Courses offers the BEST in Real Estate Education. - Oct 06, 2011      Archive

Online education is getting more and more like an in-class environment. Over the last five years Cooke Real Estate School has continued to expand its video streaming course offerings to real estate students desiring to obtain a real estate in their state. The most recent course approval is Montana where Cooke now has both streaming video courses for students interested in obtain a salesperson license and a brokerÂ’s license.

The popularity of the streaming video course ware is the fact that students love the aspect of doing the course at home on their time 24/7. But the on-demand video streaming course actually gives the student the same learning environment as being in a conventional classroom with a lecturer, PowerPoint for emphasis on important points, and a textbook to follow along with the lecture.

The increase in online course offering across the educational industry has really taken off but the format of online course is still very much in its infancy. Over the last five years, more and more aspects of interactivity and presentation has entered the online arena, with discussion boards, live chat, video presentations, Internet links to important topic of the course and e-mail communications.

As the online course platforms evolve, educators will constantly be looking to improve online courses and students will continue to be attracted to them because of convenient and tuition fees. A serious student can find that, in many respects, online education, especially with video streaming is actually has many benefits over the conventional classroom.

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Dear Mr. Cooke:

A few weeks ago I took a look at your website and I was surprised to see how I could view the entire Broker's course before actually taking the final test. Unfortunately, due to the fact I was using a Mac and I could see the Video portion but the Audio would not work.

At that point I was introduced to Steele who I believe is your IT person. He made numerous suggestions but nothing seemed to work but Steele was determined to somehow resolve my problem. Actually, when I few days went by, I kind of gave up and figured that you would have to send me the CD's that you kindly offered me since I was having issues with the on-line version. Just then, I got another email from Steele telling me that the past few days he had been researching all my issues and that he was getting closer to allowing me to view your class on line. On Sunday, yes on a Sunday, Steele sent me an email stating it was working on his Mac. I immediately went on-line and gave it a shot and thanks to Steele I now can view the course on-line.

I am just one individual but both Steele and your company went far beyond the call of duty. You would think I was a state wide firm of 1000 brokers. It is rare to find a company today that offers the type of customer service that the Cooke School of Real Estate displayed over the last two weeks.

All I can say is that you earned my business and I will not look at any other school for my real estate courses.

Thanks again for all your help.

Vic Rose

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