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Cooke School Facebook Page Promo Code Saver - Oct 12, 2011      Archive

Our school started Cooke School’s Facebook page in June of this year. Since we implemented Facebook page, we have been very excited about the results our fans have shown. We presently, as of today, have 359 Facebook fans who have clicked on the “Like Us” link.

For current students and perspective students that have a Facebook page, we hope many of you will click on our “Like Us” link. On our Facebook page our fans will find a special 10% off any streaming course with a special Promo Code, one can use for registering. This promotion last until December 31, 2011. Here is our Facebook page to take advantage of the special promotional link Facebook.

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The course was great, the videos helped to see all info put on a screen. The information was really clear and to the point and the ability to work at my own pace is great when you have a family and you work.

Tara Adkins
West Virginia

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