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Can you believe, taking a real estate license course on your phone! WOW!! - Apr 04, 2012      Archive

The day has arrived when the technology is available that real estate license students can take a real estate license course on their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry phones

Students can see and hear the instructor and obtain the full benefit of the instructor's presentation including the PowerPoints and a high definition video presentation for quality viewing enjoyment. Plus, students can take the quizzes and other instructional exercises all on their mobile device.

All of Cooke's streaming video courses are available using this wonderful technology including pre-license, post license and continuing education courses.

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Cooke Real Estate School provided the cheapest online course I could find that was approved by my state, and usually "cheapest" also means "worst quality." This was not the case for Cooke Real Estate School. I don't understand why some people pay well over $800 to take their required real estate course online when Cooke Real Estate School provides the same quality at almost half the price. Heck, the textbook they provide alone should be worth at least $400. A slideshow presentation with the videos, a great textbook, and multiple quizzes per lesson made it easy to comprehend all the knowledge a 96 hour course throws at you and the website was very user friendly. I'd recommend to any aspiring real estate agent every day of the week and twice on Sundays, regardless of their budget. Thanks for all your help!

Zachary T. Blackburn

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