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It has been an interesting week couple of weeks. On June 21 and June 22, I attended the national Real Estate Educators (REEA) convention in Ames, Iowa. Over the years I have found this function to be very informative and enjoyable. This is a very enlighten and inspirational group of real estate educators and state real estate education regulators who put in an enormous amount of effort to make the organization a wonderful source of education for real estate educators. As a result, the convention is always outstanding.

Since Cooke School came out with the 96 Hour Kentucky Real Estate Principles Course a couple of weeks ago, our school has been having wonderful success and we want to thank all the students that have registered, we appreciate your business.

Over the next couple of weeks are will be submitting to the state of California the final two courses for licensure: 45 Hour Legal Aspects of Real Estate and 45 Hour Real Estate Principles.

We are also very excited about our next two new courses that we have currently in development, Florida’s Community Association Manager’s Online Course and a 30 Hour Online Property Management Post License Course for Florida brokers’ post license requirement.

Currently most schools are providing the two post license broker course with the 30 Hour Broker Management Course and the 30 Hour Real Estate Investment Course. But many real estate brokers want to open up a property management division as a profit center of the brokerage firm, so we think this new course 30 Hour Property Management Course will be very appealing to broker students looking to satisfy the 60 hour post license requirement.

Frank Cooke

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It is easy to see why so many states list Cooke Real Estate School as an approved distance education provider for real estate training. I was a bit concerned that the materials, pacing and instructor would fall far short compared to a classroom course. I was also concerned that once in receipt of my fees, the School would fail to respond to any issues I might have.

I am happy to say that I was wrong on all counts. The material is well-organized, with the objectives and associated vocabulary clearly presented at the beginning of the session. The quizzes, both the short and long versions, provide an excellent means of reinforcement and review. The instructors present the same slides, but the personal asides are memorable and helpful. Being able to go back over any lecture more than once is another benefit of the online vs. classroom experience. The main textbook provided is a great outline for study as well. Links to online resources are provided with almost all sessions. Instructors answer questions sent to them very quickly, another completely unexpected benefit.

As an educator myself, I know how difficult it can be to put material together in a cohesive way, especially with widely diverse student backgrounds and experience to consider. I saved time, money and frustration utilizing the Cooke Real Estate School, and I hope to pass the state exam in another couple of months, which puts me far ahead of schedule versus the classroom course.

Thank you to everyone for making the whole process painless and interesting.

Susan C
West Virginia

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