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Appraisal Online Courses are Almost Here for Florida Appraisal Students - Oct 21, 2014      Archive

Very soon courses will be available for students to take all four of the required appraisal Trainee courses online. The required Certified Residential courses will also be available online too. Is has been a long time coming, but for many students who have wanted to obtain an appraisal license, who because of travel or work hurdles could not, will now be able take both the Trainee courses and the Certified Residential courses online.

Unfortunately, it will be sometime for the certified general courses to be available online. Over the last five years or so, the number schools offering the Certified General Appraisal courses are getting smaller and smaller.

Frank Cooke

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This program was so easy, convenient and actually fun.

I really appreciate the ability to hear a lecture while seeing the PowerPoint. It increased my learning experience. Plus, I didn't have to drive to a classroom for the experience.

I enjoyed the end of chapter exercises.

The course was so well taught I never cracked the book and got 92%

Teresa Liguori

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