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Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!! - Nov 26, 2014      Archive

As the owners of Cooke Real Estate School, Beth Cooke and I are so thankful for the wonderful staff that we have. They are all professionals and care about each other and our students.

Each individual, in their own area of expertise, is always working to improve our products and our service. The Cooke team just does an outstanding job to make our real estate school and its products as good an experience as we can for all our students. WE THANK YOU!!

The staff includes:
Mark Jennings, Office Manager;
Susan Jones, Registrar;
Steele Burgess, Server Specialist;
Ben McCrary, Data Base and Website Specialist;
Dallie Moriarty, Real Estate Instructor and Course Developer;
Paul Shoemaker, Appraisal Instructor;
Steve Nelson, Real Estate Instructor and Presenter;
Shawn Price, Home Inspector Instructor;
Chris Kendrick, Real Estate Instructor; and
Beth Cooke, Community Association Manager Instructor.

Frank Cooke

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Ya know, COOKE REAL ESTATE SCHOOL online courses are terrific and Mr. Steve Nelson must never, ever cease his video presentations because I'm quite fond of his style.
Anywhere anytime. I really believe it's because of your school's OPEN COURSE WARE that I passed my courses on the first try.

Flora Thomas

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