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Out with the Old.....In with the New - Nov 25, 2015      Archive

Life is fun at Cooke Real Estate School. We had a copier for 12 years and Susan Jones, our Registrar, gave it a name “Bob Marley.” She place a picture of Bob on the copier so we could all thank Bob when occasionally did a good job.

We decided the beginning of 2015 to provide the real estate license laws in paper pamphlet format with our pre-license courses we offer in a number of states. As a result, there was a huge increase in printing that gave Bob fits, as he continued to jam and drove our office staff crazy. So this week, we were all saddened that we had to replace our "Bob Marley" with a new fancy copier. With all the comments Bob received over the years it certainly provided lots of laughs and we will miss him.

Frank Cooke

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This is an excellent way to learn the real estate information if you are an auditory learner. Accessing the class at anytime, repeating it at anytime, taking the quizzes and supplemental quizzes were all of great help.

Nance McLeish

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