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Welcome to our new staff members!! - Dec 11, 2015      Archive

Jim and Mary Sweetin have both been instructing real estate since September 1987. Both Jim and Mary started their real estate instructor career with Cooke Real Estate School. We are very proud these two very professional instructors have rejoined our firm.

Kathleen Kazor is working with Dallie Moriarty, our senor instructor to develop course ware for prelicense courses. She recently completed Vermont's prelicense course and is currently working on Nebraska's prelicense course.

Shawna Kugler obtained her real estate license in 1999. Shawna is a real estate broker and owns, with her husband, EZ Choice Associates, Inc., in Brandon, Florida, which they opened in 2010. Shawna recently obtained her instructor's license and is currently developing course presentations for Cooke Real Estate School's online prelicense programs.

Gary Nichols who is professor for the University of Central Florida, started teaching real estate in 2009. We look forward to getting Gary involved with our firm in 2016.

Cooke School is very proud that all these outstanding new staff members have joined our firm and we look forward to the ideas and knowledge they all can provide to keep Cooke SchoolÂ’s reputation as providing the best in online real estate education.

Frank Cooke

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This is the first time I have taken an online real estate course and I was throughly impressed with the course presentation. The streaming segment of the course made it enjoyable, easy to comprehend and made it a pleasurable experience. The streaming puts your online course miles above the rest! I will be signing up for the Broker Post Investment course shortly.

Thanks you,
Damon DelRossi

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