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The real estate industry encompasses many areas of opportunity for those who are looking for a career where there is no limit on how far one can go in obtaining their goal, whether be a financial goal, a goal of independence, a goal of helping others or just a goal to control ones destiny, the real estate industry offers all of that.

The real estate industry has many separate businesses within its umbrella, such as real estate brokerage, appraisal, property management, financing, subdivision and development, counseling, and education. Of course, there are many specializations within those areas such as business brokerage, community association manager, time-share sales, etc.

Cooke Real Estate School ® brings technology to the fingertips of its students in its pre-license course by using the most advanced and latest of on-line distance learning software to provide this experience. The opportunity of the internet gives the student a lot more flexibility as to when and how they want to take the pre-license real estate license course. You can easily acquire a real estate license or just take the course to give one the basics of the wonderful world of real estate. Every person needs to have some basic knowledge of real estate, even if you are just purchasing your homestead.

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your school and the helpfulness of your staff. The kindness and understanding I recieved was wonderful. I called two weeks ago and explained I had attended xxxxxx School in Stuart Fl. I did not pass my State exam and have been so frustrated studying and attempting to pass. When I tried the first time to take the State Test, it was as if they were speaking some other language other than English. When I called your school to ask some questions they instructed me to watch the classes on your site. Well that was the best class! I watched Dallie Moriarty teach the course and I passed my State Exam !!!! Thank you for allowing me to watch and study along with her! Her methods and calm voice did it!!

Thank you again!!!
Donnette Hayes-Puzey

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