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Cooke Real Estate School is a national leader using video streaming technology in its course presentation platforms. The Cooke School has distance learning programs to help students pass both the real estate state and appraisal exams online. The Cooke Real Estate School course tuition fees are some of the most affordable tuition fees available online today. We hope you enjoy your stay at our website and continue to come back and learn from us.

The real estate business is more than brokers and salespersons, as most people believe; it is much broader than that.  Appraisal, property management, financing, subdivision and development, counseling, and education are all separate businesses within the real estate field.  To succeed in a complex industry, every real estate professional must have a basic knowledge of these specialties.  A real estate license isn't confined to the brokerage business but also leads to other careers within the real estate profession.

Nearly everyone, at some time, is involved in a real estate transaction. Real estate transactions are taking place all around us, all the time.   When a commercial leasing company rents space in a mall or the owner of a building rents an apartment to a retired couple, it's a real estate transaction. When an appraiser gives an expert opinion of the value of a home or the bank lends money to a professional corporation for an office building, it is a real estate transaction. 

The rewards of the real estate business are commensurate with the enthusiasm, skills, creativity, dedication, self-discipline and determination one brings to the business.  Each day presents new opportunities to meet interesting people and help them realize their goals and at the same time you, as a real estate professional, are working to reach your goals.  It is a business where a real estate agent can make a lot of money and still be independent.

Besides the commission income potential, the real estate business has an important side benefit and that is the benefit of investment.  Over the long term, there is no better investment than real estate.  Sure, there are many that bought high and got caught in the downward spiral of the last couple of years, but over the long haul, buying real estate has got to be an important part of every family's portfolio, whether it is just their homestead, their business property, rental homes or apartments - - there is nothing better than real estate as a part of a family's investments. 

Being involved in the real estate business or having more knowledge about real estate can only help those that are interested in developing their net worth and long term stability.

So to get your real estate career started, just click on the link for your state.  On every state website you can view the course presentations, absolutely free, to help get your real estate career started.

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