It is recommended that you use the following software for our online courses.

Mozilla Firefox (Browser)
An advanced and quick internet browser. It is recommeded for our courses, especially if you are having technical issues or own a Macintosh.
Microsoft Silverlight
A free web-browser plug-in that enables interactive media experiences. This is needed for our video presentations.
A software application that works with many of our online course systems.
Adobe Acrobat (pdf reader)
Software that allows you to access and read our online text books and some of our courses content.

Having Issues with your streaming video course, here are some solutions:
General Information:
  • If you go to your student page and your name is not at the top and the sessions are not correct, try rebooting your computer.
  • The seat-time system does not work within the AOL browser. It is recommeded that student uses Mozilla Firefox as a browser instead.
  • If you need to reset your Internet Explorer settings. Go into Internet Options. Then go to the far right under Advanced. Click on the reset button to reset your IE settings.
Windows Users:
  • If you are running Window 7, you will need to download the most current Java, for Windows 7 does not come with Java. Here is the download link:
  • If you are running Vista and having difficulty viewing the video, go to your control panel and under the Internet Options, delete all cookies and cache. Next set your security option of Medium and reboot your computer. Also for students having difficulty viewing the video on Vista download Firefox and use it as your browser rather than Explorer.
Macintosh Users:
Still having issues? Call 1-800-943-9993 and we will connect you with our IT technician.