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Mission Statement

The Cooke companies have been active in the real estate industry since 1972. Cooke Real Estate School and Cooke Real Estate School Headquarters, the current legal name of education arm of Cooke Inc., is proud to have educated and trained thousands of students who have found success in the real estate industry. Cooke Real Estate School constantly works to provide the best modalities available, to help each student find success in their real estate education endeavor. All courses have recorded video presentations for each session/chapter of the course. With the wonderful educational technology available today such as video streaming, interactive flashcards and web-based educational platforms, Cooke students have a wonderful opportunity to learn all facets the real estate industry available on their time, and in the environment best suited for learning. Cooke is a licensed provider of Dearborn Real Estate Education content and includes the companion textbook for each course it provides.


How It All Started

In 1970, Frank Cooke, owner and permit holder of Cooke Real Estate School Headquarters, Inc., got his real estate license and started part-time in the real estate business in St. Petersburg, Florida. After six months as a part-time real estate agent, Frank went full time.

Today, the Cooke School is licensed in fifteen states including the District of Columbia.

Meet The Staff

Frank L. Cooke, Jr. - President

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Frank Cooke is the owner of Cooke Real Estate School. Frank is a licensed real estate instructor in fifteen states and works each day to provide online quality education to all our students across the country. Cooke School is a family business with Frank’s wife Beth Cooke and son-in-law Mark Jennings helping to run the business a long with a wonderful staff, who help our students each day to help reach their real estate educational goals.

Beth Cooke - Vice President and Director

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Beth is Frank's wife. In 1996 Beth joined the firm to run the Property Management Division. Beth now assists the staff when needed and helps direct the firm's long-term goals. She enjoys spending a lot of time with her grandsons, Cameron and Tyler.

Steele Burgess - Video Conferencing, Technical Administrator

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Steele has been with the school since June 2001. Steele is responsible for many areas of the technical side of the school: the email system, phone system, servers, computers for office staff, and video presentations.

Mark Jennings - Video Conferencing, Technical Administrative Assistant

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Mark joined Cooke Real Estate School on March 1, 2004. Mark is Assistant to the President, Frank Cooke, and does a variety of jobs for the firms, such as marking, communication with students, purchasing, and shipping the textbooks to students.

Susan Jones - Registrar

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Joining the company in 2013, Susan is the go to for handling completions, reporting to the various state regulators, and scheduling.

Ben McCrary - Website & LMS Developer

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Ben joined Cooke Real Estate School in 2007. He is the lead programmer for Cooke School's website and the Learning Management System.

Meet The Instructors

Shawna Kugler - Instructor-Presenter

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Shawna has been in the real estate business with her husband, since 1999. Shawna is a licensed real estate instructor and has recorded many of Cooke’s license courses.

Christopher Kazor - Instructor-Presenter

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Chris taught real estate licensing for Cooke Real Estate School from 2002 to 2008. After many years of teaching in his insurance school, Chris rejoined Cooke Real Estate School again in April 2020. Chris is also licensed in several states and also CDEi Certified - #71339.

Mort Floch - Instructor-Presenter

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Mort obtained a Mississippi real estate license in 1999 and then obtained his Mississippi Broker license in 2001. Mort and his wife Sam opened and operated Prudential Premiere Properties in Ridgeland and Brandon Mississippi. A couple of years later operated Premiere Properties in Brandon. He joined Cooke Real Estate School in February 2022. Today Mort is a Broker Associate at Real Estate Partners. He is also Mississippi and CDEI Certified #71420