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Distance learning - The role of distance education in today’s world - Sep 26, 2011      Archive

For years, Education has been done mainly on the face to face basis. However, with time as the education advanced to newer heights, numerous subjects started to come in. In addition,various schools, colleges and universities also started to pop up. Moreover, with time, more and more students started to build up interest in various kinds of subjects too. Now, as all of the schools and universities did not offer all of the available subjects and courses, many colleges and universities started to offer courses through distance learning. Nowadays, distance learning has become really popular mode of learning various subjects. However, while trying out new courses, you will have to keep in mind the cost of the education so as to avoid debts.

What is distance learning?
Just as the name suggests, distance learning is taking on a subject without having to attend a class or going to school, college or university. You can learn from distance and thus you may also be able to try out a new course which have been introduced in another country or may be in your country itself but in a different state.

Whenever any new subject and course is introduced in a college and if it isn’t possible for you to go and enroll in the course or to attend classes, you can enroll in the distance learning course if the college has the provision for the same. In general, it has been seen that the distance learning courses costs you much less than the other courses in general. However, there can be some courses too which can cost you more than usual. So, it is important for you to know more about the course you want to enroll into so as to avoid incurring and debts.

What is the importance of distance learning?

Distance learning is important because it can cater to one and all throughout the world. This not only helps you as the student to learn a subject which you might not have been able to learn given your situation, it is also important for the college itself as through the distance learning course others get to know more about the college and the courses that it provides, the popularity of the college and the specialties.

The main advantage why the distance learning courses have become so popular is because, you are not required to attend any classes or travel to another place. You are not required to interact with any teacher. You simply get the study materials and rate required to give the exam at a stipulated time. So, it helps you in learning new subjects even if you are studying another subject or if you are into any kind of jobs and so on. It does not even require you to give much time to it and thus you can also utilize the time for other purposes.

Distance learning has actually revolutionized the whole educational environment throughout the world. It has brought up new ideas through which you can easily achieve what you want with regards to your education.

Paul Smith