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Florida's Community Association Manager License Course (CAM) - Approved and Ready! - Aug 22, 2013      Archive

As of August 21, 2013 Cooke obtained approval to provide the required 18 Hour Pre-License Community Association Manager (CAM) License by online streaming video presentation. The CAM license is required for those who want to manage homeowners and condominium associations of more that than 10 units or have an annual budget in excess of $100,000.

As condominiums continue to be developed across the Florida landscape, as almost 20 percent of Florida's population lives in a condominium, Community Association Managers are continually finding opportunities to expand their careers. Many real estate licensees involved in property management of rental units also discover that condo management is a perfect fit within their property management department.

The course comes with a very informative text The Condominium Concept by Peter M. Dunbar, Esq. Students will find this text the source for answers to the many questions that will be asked during their condominium management career.

Frank L. Cooke, Jr.