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Cooke School's New Course Page for all Video Streaming Courses is now UP - Mar 29, 2014      Archive

This last week our school put into play the school's new Course Page for all Cooke School's streaming video courses. The objectives of the upgrade are to:
  1. simplify and make more accessible the Orientation of the course.
  2. make the Course Page easier to navigate which would also allow students to have an improved access point to important text-links to documents or website relevance to the session they working on.
  3. bring access to each Session's quizzes and matching exercises only after all video presentations for that session has been viewed.
  4. give the student a clearer ability to navigate and review the course material during the course and after the student has completed the course. This is important for helping the student prepare for state exam.
  5. give a more prevalent view to the student that there are additional supplemental quizzes available for the student to access to help prepare for the summary quiz or end-of-course exam or the state exam, depending on what the reason for taking the course
We believe this upgrade will give students a smoother process as they go through the course and then to the state exam or completing their continuing education or post license requirement needed for license renewal.