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June 10-12, 2016 Real Estate Educators Association (REEA) in Denver, Colorado - Jun 15, 2016      Archive

I just got back Monday from the REEA convention in Denver and wanted to relay some of the results I brought back to our real estate school.

I have been going the REEA convention for the last 12+ years and each time I find that real estate educators and schools are constantly looking at changes in the industry and the making a vigorous efforts to find ways to improve real estate licensing education. The attendees are not only real estate schools and instructors but real estate regulators from many states across our great nation. Plus, publishers of educational materials are there too showing their new products.

As an online provider, I am always looking for new ways to improve our licensing courses and to find products that can help our students find not only success in the prelicense courses but also find success when they pass the state exam and enter the real estate profession. For example, I found a new textbook which we can now develop another 30 Hour Post Broker course called The Insider's Guide to Commercial Real Estate,” which we can add to our current offering of four course options for students. Commercial real estate is such business for many real estate brokerages and real estate agents that this course can be very informative for brokers and sales associate to expand their knowledge into the commercial real estate market, which then, of course, improves their income potential.

Another new course we will be offering in all 50 states and the District of Columbia is a program students can take right after or even before the student receives their real estate license; it is call Real Estate Accelerator the Fast Track to Real Estate Agent Success! As most know, the real estate prelicense course required by regulatory agencies in all 50 states are required for licensure to protect the public, not to help the newly licensee make money and find success in the real estate profession. This new program will go a long way to make financial success happen for many newly licensed real estate agents.

I do have to say that after speaking with many schools across the country, our online program is one of the best in the country, because our program reflects the best educational efforts for students to learn both for the auditory and visual learner.

Frank L. Cooke, Jr.