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Cooke Continues Making License Courses the BEST for Students' Success - May 22, 2017      Archive

From our last Cooke News release on March 10, 2017, we have obtained approval for three 48 Hour Kentucky Broker courses: 48 Hour Real Estate Investment, 48 Hour Real Estate Finance, and 48 Hour Property Management Course. Cooke has two more courses In the application process: 48 Hour Commercial Real Estate and 48 Hour Brokerage Management. The school feels real good about the prospects of obtaining approval on these two courses too, for then we will be able to provide the full curriculum of courses required for broker licensure in Kentucky all online which there is very limited course offering.

Cooke School's video course presentations have also been in the process being improved with better video presentations. The good part of this is that we are expecting another upgrade besides the one we just accomplished. It is going to be a WOW!

We have added interactive flashcards on all our programs across all of our courses in all the states we are offering the pre-license course including the District of Columbia. Interactive flashcards are excellent for helping students learn the definitions of the key terms in each Session. Knowing the definition of real estate terms is essential for students in finding success on the end-of-course exams and the state exam.

Most states do not publish real estate school's pass rate on the State Exam. One of the many states we are providing the pre-license course in, just showed us that our school had the best percentage of student's passing the national portion of the State Exam for 2016. This is really good news that many students are finding success with our program. I wish more state regulators would provide that information.

Thanks for coming to our website. We appreciate you interest in our programs.

Frank Cooke