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Dearborn's 2017 State of the Real Estate Education Industry Report - Jul 29, 2017      Archive

In the first quarter of 2017 the publisher of all the real state courses Cooke Real Estate School provides throughout the United States, Dearborn Real Estate Education, did a survey.  They interviewed eleven real estate schools (our school was one of them) and sent surveys to 2,611 contacts.  318 surveys where returned.
Here are some very interesting items that showed in the report:
  • Larger schools with 500+ students a year and schools that have been in existence for 30+ years were more likely to offer a wide variety of real estate related courses and provide courses using on-demand and live video presentations.      
  • 40% of educators said their school currently did not offer online courses. 17% stated 75% of the courses they provided where online.  28% of schools stated their courses were online with 72% of courses in classroom.  These schools also estimated that in 5 years, 44% of their courses would be online and 56% in classroom.
  • 79% of respondents to the survey feel that questions on licensing exams are designed to trick students rather than test their practical knowledge.  (Found this one very interesting)
  • When this question was asked of respondents:  What resources did they lean on to find help with the challenges they face?  45% stated the state real estate commissions.  There were many other choices but none came close to the 45%.  (Speaks well for the regulators)
  • 67% of respondents are seeing a growing number of students interest in mobile access to courses.
These were some of the interesting items in the report.  If you would like a copy of the complete Dearborn Report you can go to:  Under link “Resource Center” click on “Education and Instruction” link then you will find the link:  “DOWNLOAD FREE:  2017 State of the Real Estate Education Industry Report”.  Or you can email me and will be glad to forward the report to you.
Frank L.  Cooke, Jr.