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Cooke Real Estate School's New Website - May 05, 2019      Archive

Cooke Real Estate School is about to launch our newest website. We hope students will find it easier to view and peruse course information on their mobile phone devices.Mobile phone with Internet access to our website and our courses has been constantly increasing over the years. Just a few years ago desktop access was 100% of our students and that has now changed to about 58% desktop, 38% mobile, 4% tablet.

So many people today are on their cell phone texting and perusing the internet. With this huge increase in mobile phones for not only viewing a website but now taking a full real estate license course on a cell phone will certainly continue to expand. With this all-in mind we have designed our new website to be more acceptable to all mobile phones and tablet users.Plus, we hope students will find our new website to have a more modern look and that it will be easier to navigate on all devices.

Please let know what you think, we appreciate your feedback.

Frank Cooke