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2011 is HERE!!! Hip Hip Horray!!!

- Jan 17, 2011      Archive

Most businesses are certainly glad to have 2010 gone. The number of students applying for a real estate license continued to drop during 2010 compared to 2009.

But as we move into 2011 most people are feeling a renewed hope that the bottom has leveled out and as we move more into 2011, most people are hopeful that 2011 will show an up-tick in business.

Unfortunately, most prospective real estate students are apprehensive regarding getting into the business, but those with a strong determination to succeed will continue to move forward with a real estate career. It is amazing that the successful real estate agents that have been in the business for years are still here. I think in a down market, the truly professional real estate agents find a way to succeed. They might not make the money that they did during the good times but they find a way to succeed in a down market and take advantage of what is positive.

Many times when a career real estate agent’s business is not doing what they did before, the professional real estate agent find ways to improve their business and as a result when the market gets better, they are in better shape to take advantage of it. The reason, of course, is because while the real estate market is down, the professional real estate agents analyze their business and make adjustments for the better.

A real estate career is certainly not for everyone, but it is a career which offers huge opportunities for one willing to put the effort in.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School