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A Course to Teach Real Estate Licensees a Professional Marketing Strategy for Success

- Jun 16, 2017      Archive

To help students find success in the real estate profession after obtaining  their real estate license, Cooke Real Estate School has now available an online Real Estate Sales and Marketing Course.  This course includes comprehensive companion textbook, video presentations over each session, multiple-choice questions for each session with a very helpful descriptive reason for each quiz answer, interactive flashcards exercise over the key terms, along with a matching exercise to help the student learn the definitions of the key terms throughout the course.

This course teaches comprehensive marketing strategies that draws the right clients to the licensee from the theories of product, promotion, price and place, to practical advice on how to segment a market and implement a marketing plan.
The course provides complete coverage of the selling skills the licensee needs to close the sale, including time management, ethics, professionalism, and closing techniques

Plus, the course provides an insight to the most current coverage of Internet marketing tactics to help improve sales, featuring:  personal websites, social media and e-mail.