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Another indicator of improvement in the real estate market

- Feb 18, 2010      Archive

The real estate school business of providing real estate license courses to students desiring to enter the real estate profession can offer a snap shot view of the improved attitude and general feelings regarding the future and potential of the real estate brokerage business. Even though this current upturn is no where near the 2004 – 2006 numbers, there has been an upturn in pre-license students taking the state exam.

In Florida, which certainly has been one of the states that has been reflected of the downturn of the real estate market, the upturn as far as the number of applications taking the state exam from the year 2008 compared to the total in 2009 has seen about 20% increase. It looks like that number is increasing again because if you compare January 2010 compared a year ago; the increase in applicants taking the state exam has seen an increase again of 32%.

All of these numbers are important because it reflects an up tick in the positive attitude of the general public regarding the opportunities the real estate brokerage business offers.