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April 2011 Cooke Real Estate School Blog Update

- Apr 01, 2011      Archive

The real estate school industry has certainly been changing for the last six months with online course providers such as AmericasBest being consolidated with 360 Training. Dearborn Real Estate Education deciding to leave some states and some other companies expanded their product offering such as McKissock, which has been known primarily as provider of real estate appraisal courses.

Our school, Cooke Real Estate School, continues to keep expanding and improving our products. The two newest products are a 90 Hour West Virginia Broker course and the 60 Hour Montana Broker Course. Both products are completed and in the final stages of the approval process.

This last week I took a trip to West Virginia to encourage the West Virginia Real Estate Commission to implement the ARELLO approval process for their online courses. The WVREC has extended the requirement a couple of times and unfortunately did so again last week. The new implementation date is now January 1, 2012.

As our school, continues the effort to expand into various states, we have found that the ARELLO online certification process, as difficult as it is, is actually is a very good program, not only for schools, but especially good for perspective students interested in obtaining a real estate license by distance learning. What ARELLO certification does is it the levels the playing field so perspective students considering purchasing a course from a real estate school, will get a quality online course.

Let face it, when a student goes online to purchase a course they don’t know the quality of the program they are purchasing, students are really in the dark. If a course is approved by ARELLO they are assured of a quality program that has been look at under the hood to see if it follows important guideline for a quality program. State regulators are so busy and usually so short handed they don’t have the manpower or the time to go through a 60 or 90 hour course to determine if the format is of a quality nature. Regulators usually are able to go through the content, but to check on the overall program, is very difficult. But an ARELLO certification does do that.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School