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As we bring in a New Year......

- Dec 31, 2014      Archive

.....and close out the old one, we get a chance to reflect on the past 365 days and think about the future in real estate education field.

Lots has happened over the last year. Probably the biggest change was in the real estate appraisal education field in Florida where all courses, both continuing education and certified courses are now being able to be taught by online distance learning. This is going to be wonderful for many appraisal students, for the number of education providers providing the in-class course has dropped significantly over the last five years. As a result, many students have had to drive miles to take a course, plus many had extra expenses because they had to stay overnight.

The Florida Real Estate Commission revised the 63 Hour Florida Real Estate Principles course syllabus which actually has been in existent for years. A new syllabus is the guiding outline of the required course now, so all schools have had to revise their program to conform to the new syllabus.

Cooke School created a new 30 Hour Broker Post Property Management course to expand the course selections for students to three options rather than just two courses to satisfy the 60 hour broker post license course

As our school continues to move forward for 2015 as we have much on our plate and lots to accomplish. Over this new year Cooke School will have a:

*new look to their website.
*added values to 63 hour Florida Sales Associate course by being able to allow students to view a live video presentation and interact with the instructor from the comfort of the student’s home.
*exam prep course with a presentation students can view and interact with the instructor for two days every other week, to help students pass the course and *Florida real estate license state exam.
*45 Hour North Dakota Sales Associate course.
*newly revised 60 Hour North Dakota Broker course.
*30 Hour Pennsylvania Fundamentals course.
*30 Hour Pennsylvania Practice course.

Each year we all look with hope and inspiration with what life will bring and the opportunities that will become available in the new year. We are all so lucky to be here in life and have the opportunity to dream and to strive to reach our goals.

Frank Cooke