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As we go into 2019, the real estate license education continues to evolve

- Dec 21, 2018      Archive

  1. The three major State Exam providers across the country has been primarily three companies over many years: PearsonVUE, AMP, and PSI. Some months back PSI bought AMP, so now over the next months, PSI will be revising the AMP exams into more of the layout of the existing PSI exams. So real estate schools will be needing to monitor these changes in the various states that they do business to help their students to find success on this important exam for licensure.
  2. Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) of The Appraisal Foundation establishes the minimum education requirements but they do allow each state to increase the requirements for certification. In Florida, where Cooke Real Estate School provides all the appraisal license courses, the Appraisal Board for Florida still maintains the requirements for certification that were required prior to the May 1, 2018, change by the AQB. The significance of this issue is that the old requirement to be certified was a four-year college degree compared to the new requirement by the AQB of a two-year Associates Degree to be certified. Hopefully, this will change with the Florida Appraisal Board meets in February 2019.
  3. The National Association of REALTORS has had for a number of years a requirement that all members take a 3-hour Ethic Course. At the end of 2017 the Florida Real Estate Commission also required all licensee to also take a 3-hour Ethic Course. The problem is a student take the 3-hour Ethic Course for the license renewal requirement and think that this would satisfy NAR requirement. The problem is slowly being resolved as REALTOR members who have taken the state requirement course are presenting their local boards and getting the FREC course approved for the NAR requirement.