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Classroom vs Distance Learning

- Jan 13, 2015      Archive

I came across a presentation that was made to Florida real estate instructors and appraiser instructors in 2013 by DBPR’s Bureau of Education and Testing, which might help answer the age old question as which is best, an in class learning environment or an online distance learning environment?

The Bureau sent a survey to 2,861 students who took the pre-license Florida state license exam for the first time and the question was: Did you take the course online or in a classroom setting?
  • 139 students did not answer the survey.
  • 2,076 students that took an in class course did respond and of this number 65% failed the state exam and 35% passed.
  • 646 students took an online course of this number 48.1% failed and 51.9% passed.
The survey also analyzed students that took the exam multiple times. Out of a total of 3,561 students, the results was more pronounced,
  • 370 students did not answer the survey.
  • 2,541 students that took the in class course responded and of this number 68.3% failed and 31.7% passed.
  • 650 students took a distance learning course and 59.5% failed and 40.5% passed.
The total numbers:
  • 509 students did not answer the survey
  • 4,617 students took the in class course, with 66.6% failing and 33.2% passing
  • 698 students took a distance learning course, with 53.9% failing and 46.1% passing.
The end result is that distance learning is here to stay and has many benefits and good results for many students.

Frank L. Cooke, Jr.