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Cooke Real Estate School is Excited About 2013!

- Dec 31, 2012      Archive

The real estate school business picked up in 2012 and we are now off and running into 2013. In Florida, our home state, new licensees picked up about 22% since 2011. This means that the general feeling about the real estate and the real estate business has improved from 2011. The question we all ask is, can 2013 continue to improve? Based on most comments I’ve received in the real estate profession is yes. Most people believe that once the foreclosure market and short sales inventory is cleared away, things will get back to normal.

What did Cooke Real Estate accomplish in 2012?

The school obtained DBPR approval for our 120 Hour Home Inspection Course, so students interested in the home inspection field can take 100 hours of the required course online and the 20 hours in class. By having the ability to take 100 hours of the course online, students can save hundreds of dollars in motel and transformation costs to take the course. Plus, they can do take a majority of the course on their time convenient to them.

The school developed our own online Florida 14 hour continuing education course which includes a printable textbook that is provided with the course. Developing and having our own online course is cost effective and as a result we can pass the cost savings on to students.

The school refined our e-mail marketing and as a result we were able to increase our appraisal continuing education sales over 100% over the last renewal period.

The school upgraded and improved our video platform and our mailing system. The website home page was also upgraded and the finished revised website should be completed during the first quarter of 2013.

We also were very please to hire Acquandist Hamilton in January 2012 and she will very soon completed her first year with our school. We are very pleased to have Acquandist with our firm.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School