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Cooke has the best Home Inspection Program in the Florida Market

- Aug 08, 2012      Archive

Would you believe that you can become a Florida license home inspector by taking an approved online course? The answer to that question is absolutely…YES. With practically 83% of the course requirements being able to taken in your home, office and on your time, can be a real saving of time, money (gas and motel rooms) and less stress over all. Plus, a student can review the course over and over again to prepare for the state exam.

Cooke Real Estate School has a 120 hour approved home inspection course (approval #136) for students desiring to get into the home inspection field. The course has a 20-hour hands-on program included. The instructor takes the students to two homes and goes through the home inspection process showing and demonstrating what happens in a home inspection and showing the students the proper way to analyze the home components. This gives students a real hands-on instruction of the home inspection process.

Included in the tuition fee is a well-recognized manual of 877 pages with diagrams of components that explains of what to look for in the various systems of a home, such as the exterior, interior, the structure, ventilation and insulation, interior, electrical, heating and cooling and plumbing systems.

The online portion of the course and the Systems and Standards manual are all written by Carson Dunlop & Associates, a consulting engineering firm devoted exclusively to building inspections.

Cooke’s added-value course packages are available for students and include important home inspection textbooks such as Home Inspection Exam Prep, 21 Things Every Home Inspector Should Know, Building Your Home Inspection Business and Illustrated Home. The package also includes a CD with 1,700 technically precise illustrations of a home’s major systems.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School