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From a Real Estate School Perspective..How is business?

- Sep 03, 2015      Archive

Our school had a booth at the Florida Association of REALTORS® EXPO Tradeshow a week or so ago and one could see by all counts, lots of enthusiasm within the real estate community. In fact, I was told by Joseph Bono with the Florida Association of REALTORS® that this convention was the largest in a number of years. In fact, they had to turn away 30 businesses that wanted a booth at the trade show. That in itself certainly tells one a lot about the good vibes the real estate brokerage business is feeling today compared to five or six years ago.

At the convention we were promoting a discount code for those that stopped by our booth. If you miss the Trade EXPO, the Promo Code but would like the opportunity of a 10% on all of real estate streaming video courses until December 31 here it is: EXPO2015

The enrollments for Florida have certainly gone up and as have other states that we provide pre-license courses in. We have found a very strong increase in pre-license enrollment in Kentucky, Montana and North Dakota.

Since my last Blog in May, our school has partnered with Hondros Learning to provide the SAFE 30 Hour Mortgage Course for those individuals looking to be licensed in the mortgage brokerage business.

In the home inspection licensing process in Florida the required pre-license 120 hour course can now be completed all online. As a result, we have been able to reduce our course tuition fee substantially.

Frank Cooke