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Helping Students to Obtain a Real Estate License is our Goal

- Apr 21, 2021      Archive

As students go through the pre-license course that they purchased, their goal is to acquire the real estate license by passing the required course exam as well as the required PSI or Pearson VUE State Exam. (the testing center depends on the state the student is in.)

As a real estate school, our goal is to provide the students with the content and instruction that will prepare each individual student for these exams, so they can reach their goal to be a real estate salesperson or broker.

As each student goes through our online on-demand asynchronous real estate programs, our school always wants to make sure each student knows they can call or email the school for help. Our school has as much interest in each student’s success as each student does.

Our course structure also needs to be in a format to help students succeed. We do this by providing video presentations synchronized with PowerPoints, as well as Flashcards and Matching exercise, to learn the Key Terms, and lots of multiple-choice questions that are provided with answers and reasons. All of these formats of learning are essential for students to find success.

To help our students pass the required exams here is four simple points of information which will increase the probability of license success:

1. Know the definition of terms and know them well.
2. Go over as many multiple-choice questions that you can, and know the reason why the answer is the correct answer.
3. Once you start working on the course keep it going. Don't put it down for an extended period of time and come back to at a later date.
4. After successfully passing the course, take the State Exam as quickly as you can. In some states, scheduling might take time, so do it as quickly as you are allowed to.