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How is Business Looking for 2014?

- Feb 11, 2014      Archive

There is certainly a better feeling about the real estate business today than there was a year ago or even three years ago. Plus, most people I talk to in the real estate field say their business so far this year is better than the same time than last year.

As per the feeling people have about getting into the real estate business, this has picked up substantially too. This certain indicates that there are a lot of positive vibes about the real estate business and the chances for one to be successful is there.

I looked at some numbers of new applicants for licensure this January and compared them to January 2013. There was a 65% increase in new applicants over last January which certainly points to people's positive confidence in the real estate profession.

Another item that caught my attention is the results of this survey: "How do seasoned buyer's representative use most of their time to develop new business." Here are the results:
  • In- person meeting - 36%
  • Advertising (print and online) - 12%
  • Email marketing - 12%
  • Social media - 10%
  • Website (maintaining fresh content) - 9%
  • Direct mail (postcards, newsletters) - 8%
  • Printed collateral (brochures, flyers) - 8%
  • Client satisfactory surveys - 2%
  • Home buying seminars or other consumer workshops - 1%
All I can say is that what we did ten years ago or even five years ago is in many ways outdated.

Frank Cooke