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How the corona virus has affected various aspects of real estate school business.

- Mar 30, 2020      Archive

The corona virus is a horrendous event for all. In the real estate school business, it is certainly a challenge as it is for everyone. In my communications with other real estate schools in licensing business, they are having to cancel in-class courses which for many schools this is there major course offerings. Plus, it is very stressful for the students who registered for class course and then being told the class is canceled. This can be very frustrating for the students and the real estate school and their staff.

Usually the student is then given the option of coming to a class later, or taking and online course, or taking an interactive live video class, which some of the schools have now just started to offer. Refunds are the last next step, but a necessary one for all concerned.

The corona virus has also affected Cooke Real Estate School. Even though all our courses are online with video streaming presentations, all on-demand, we have been affected too. We have a very small in-house staff but luckily, we own our office building and have a lot of working space.  With only three staff members, social distancing is very easy.  Susan, our registrar, and Ben, our website and data base tech are both working online from home.

In my opinion, the corona virus will affect the way businesses operate for generations. Business have had for sometime the ability for the office staff to do their work from home. But as corporations, management, and staff, get more comfortable with this "Safer at home" arrangement for their employees, more companies will look more favorable on this arrangement when the corona virus has left the scene.

Frank Cooke