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Lots of changes in the Real Estate School Profession as we go into the last half of 2021

- Sep 13, 2021      Archive

Since the beginning of 2021, the real estate school business has had some major changes. Old established real estate schools, which have been around for years, have been purchased by larger licensing schools or investment enterprises across the country.

One of the areas that have been most affected by this trend is the appraisal license education course offerings. Unfortunately, appraisal students now have fewer options of course providers to choose from. In several states now, there is only one appraisal license course provider.

For years the property management business has just required a real estate license. In a few states today, the real estate regulatory agency of the state now requires a Property Management license to manage property for others. Cooke Real Estate School has been providing property management courses as a part of real estate broker licenses and post-license requirements in several states. Because of this change, Cooke is now providing an approved property management license course in Montana and South Dakota. Like other states requiring a property management license, Cooke Real Estate School will be there to provide this important course to students going into the property management profession.

Over the last couple of years, we have been providing an “Interactive Study Group” for all our pre-license real estate students. This program is held every Tuesday night from 8-pm to 9-pm EST. Important subjects and terms are discussed with questions to the instructor coming from across the United States. This is an important program that many students have indicated that the program has been very helpful. This is another opportunity for our students to learn the definitions of key terms which is the key to passing the course and the important State Exam.

A program that Cooke provides in some of our course packages and our Professional Development Course offerings is the Sales & Marketing for Real Estate Professionals 101 course. Real estate regulations don’t care if one makes money or not. Courses are required to make sure the public is protected. As a result, license real estate courses do not get involved in the sales and marketing of real estate. Agents who do become knowledgeable in sales and marketing of real estate in one or both, usually have long careers in real estate. This course is an important step in this process.

Frank Cooke