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My 2 cents on what will help you pass your State exam!

- Mar 25, 2010      Archive

I recently took a 72 Hr Real Estate Course over a two week period. I would like to share my ideas on how to pass your test from my own personal experience.

1. Get serious about the course and set aside quality time away from distration to fully dive in and understand the information.

2. Submit your applications before your course. The idea is to reduce the time frame between course completion and exam date.

3. Self Study. In my own personal experience, in addition to the 72 Hr course, I put in 35 hrs of self study time in the days prior to my State exam.

4. Use your prior practical experience effectively. You may have a license in another state. Do not allow your prior knowledge in another state impede upon your learning the new material in another state. One state can, and usually is completely different material than the state you just came from. The sooner you adapt to this concept, the sooner you will fully understand your new course.

5. Remember every formula and commit them to memory. The Florida exam has a closing statement that has 5 questions that is worth 10 points. But it also has a number of word questions that you must know the formula or you will not solve the question.

Again, these are the ideas that helped me pass. I took my state exam on the computer, and after doing all of these things to prepare, I wasn't even concerned about reviewing my answers before I was done. I knew I had passed.

Good luck!
Mark Jennings