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New ARELLO Guidelines

- Jul 01, 2010      Archive

As Cooke Real Estate School moves forward with new ARELLO guidelines, our school continues to improve our online streaming video courses. Here are a few of the new items we will be implementing in the very near future.

1. Each video session (or chapter) quiz will now have three separate banks of questions rather than a litany of questions. With the first bank of questions, a student must score at least 80% to move to the next session. If the student fails, the student will receive another set of separate questions.
In the prior format, if the student failed the session, the student would repeat the same quiz until they obtained the required passing score. Cooke’s program will allow students who pass the first session to access the second and third bank of questions if they so desire. As long as the student passes the first bank of questions, the student will not be penalized if they do not pass the second or third bank of questions.

2. The second implementation will be that all Cooke School students will now be required to spend a certain time on each session and a certain time on the full course. The change will be implemented for each pre-license course as we move forward.
The first one is the West Virginia 90 hour pre-license course. Cooke needs to assure both regulators and ARELLO reviewers that students spend the required time viewing the videos and working on the course material including the text links, supplement quizzes and the crossword puzzles.

These new requirements are important because as Cooke Real Estate School has found over the years, the student that spends the time on the course work, has the best chance of passing the course exam and state exam. Finding success is what it is all about.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School