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New Information for the First Quarter 2022!

- Mar 23, 2022      Archive

So far in 2022, the pandemic has certainly slowed down, thank goodness, and mask requirements have been waived in many areas.  A few real estate schools are starting to have some in-class courses.   Some real estate schools have stayed with the live synchronous online presentations, and the word that I hear is some larger schools are planning to stay with live online courses, and they don’t plan to go back with students in a live classroom format.
Cooke Real Estate School plans to continue to offer our pre-license courses on-demand, with video presentations, and textbooks provided.  We continue to believe this is the best format for each student to have the best chance to reach their goal because they have access after a course is concluded to study.   This gives each student the best chance to find success, which is why we want all our students to be on the right side of the 50% pass rate on most all state exam pass rate statistics.
We have currently licensed approval to provide our pre-license course in Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Kentucky, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Washington DC, Virginia, Vermont. We are also getting ready to get approved in South Carolina for a 60-Hr Prelicense.
We are in the process of bringing on two new CDEi Certified course presenters for our program, Mort Floch and Matthew Ody. 
Recently, an interesting real estate new license requirement has come into play.  Before the early 1900s, there were no real estate license requirements for sales agencies.  Then around 1917, a few states start to formulate license laws.  Since the beginning of various states began formulating real estate license laws, they included regulating brokerage business, which included selling homes, commercial property, land, and property management.
As per the property managers and the property management business, for years it came under the general real estate laws and rules of each state.  Very recently, property management now started to come into its separate license requirements, which I say is about time.   The job of a property manager is quite different in various areas in the real estate business than the real estate brokerage business is.  The reality is a property manager has additional knowledge that is needed to take care of their principals.  Two states that Cooke Real Estate School is in providing license courses, now requiring a property management license to manage property for their clients are Montana and South Dakota.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School