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Our October "New Website" Surprise

- Oct 10, 2013      Archive

Over the years since around 1997, our school has three different websites. Today we have our 4th new site. As you have viewed the website, it has fewer graphics and more content. Some of our goals were to simplify navigation of the site, so to make it easier for our students and potential students to find what they are looking for and to facilitate an easier method to be able to make changes and upgrades to our fifty state website.

With our new platform there will be one or two courses featured on each individual home page. Plus, we have partnered with Career Web on many online courses, to extend our course offerings in a number of states for licensing in: real estate, home inspection and real estate appraisal.

Besides the upgrade in the website, we are working on improving the studentsÂ’ course page. One of our goals here is to bring each of our video streaming course information details to the studentÂ’s Course Page, so students will have all this important information in front of them continually and throughout the course. We believe this will give students a smoother process as they go through the course and then on to the state exam or the process of completing their license renewal.

Frank Cooke