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Persistence and Perseverance a continuation of a Sept 24, 2017 Article

- Mar 29, 2019      Archive

Here are some key points to share and add to the previous discussion.
  • To realize any goal that one sets for themselves, you must have patience, have an understanding of people, constantly be making an analysis of your objectives, and learn as much as you can from others who have been successful.
  • Understand in today's world, that technology is a driving force, and that in many areas of the real estate business, one must get comfortable with its capability, so this wonderful technology can help you with your goals.
  • Do not ever underestimate yourself, because if you have the desire and the ambition, you can accomplish any goal that you set.
  • Over the many years one is in the real estate profession, there are lots of opportunities you will have to buy real estate. For whatever reason if you decided not to buy or buy, do not second guess yourself. Luckily, with the goal of building your net worth you will buy some real estate overtime. As you look back later in your real estate career, you will realize that most of the decisions you made were good decisions, and some opportunities you will wish you had bought and some you did not. You just need to realize that you will never make all the right decisions in a business investment, but do not invest because you fear failure.
  • Most everyone at one time or another considers partnering in a business relationship. Short term partnership goals will probably workout most of the time.Long term business partnerships have a potential to not work out and can be disastrous.The reason is that goals of the individual partners in the partnership changes as time goes on. As we live life, changes occur in family, health, personal goals, financial issues,etc. The reasons, of course, are many. A partnership relationship sounds great at the time but like any marriage there is a lot of give and take by all partners in the partnership and not all work out as time goes on.In fact, a split in a partnership,which has a much greater possibility of developing over the period of years can be as difficult as marital divorce. Be very cautious in considering any long-term partnership.