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Question: Can I pass the real estate state exam by taking a distance learning course? The Answer?

- Sep 18, 2013      Archive

The Bureau of Education and Testing in the state of Florida did an analysis; they asked exam takers from April 1, 2013 to June 4, 2013, if they took the course in a classroom environment or by distance learning. Here are the results:

First Time Takers:
Total number of First Time Takers – 2,861
• Total students taking the course In-Class: 2,076
• Total students taking the course On-Line: 646

First Time Takers - Pass-Fail Rate:
• % of In-Class students passing: 35.0%
• % of On-Line students passing: 51.9%

Retakers – Pass-Fail Rate
• % of In-Class students passing: 31.7%
• % of On-Line students passing: 40.5%

We at Cooke School have always felt that Distance Learning was an excellent method of education. Why? The reason distance learning works is because distance learning forces students to work through the course because of the assessment requirements. Plus, with our video streaming product, students not only can listen and view the course presentation but they view it over and over again.

Frank Cooke