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REEA 2011 Convention in Las Vegas

- Jun 16, 2011      Archive

Mark Jennings, Cooke Real Estate SchoolÂ’s vice president, and I just got back home from attending the annual REEA convention in Las Vegas. REEA is an organization of real estate educators and they hold this convention every year. Next year the convention will be in Louisville, Kentucky.

This gathering of real estate school owners, instructors, state regulators and book publishers are so important for those who attend. I have been attended REEA conventions since 2005 and each time I have attended I continue to feel the benefits we receive as a real estate school owner and as an instructor are so important for improving our real estate school and our products, which in turn helps our students.

Some of the seminars that Mark and I attended were: A Sure Bet for Your Future: It is all about You, Reinvented; Social Media as a Support Platform; Twitter; Making Learning Stick; Dare to Share License Law Project; Hot Regulator Issues in Real Estate Education; and a panel discussion on: The Future of Real Estate Education.

One of the things I did last year at the San Antonio convention that I did again this year was joining the REEA walkers at 6 AM in the morning. Now, this time of day is early for me but each walk that I joined the walkers was so inspirational. You end up walking an hour or so with your fellow real estate education associates, getting to know them better, which was very enjoyable. Plus by walking a city you have not been in before, you get to view the area much more thoroughly than driving by car.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School