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Real Estate Pre-License State Exam Pass-Fail Reports

- Jun 27, 2017      Archive

Very few states actually provide the “pass-fail” reports for individual school’s students.  In the states that Cooke Real Estate School provides the pre-license course, only North Dakota and Wisconsin actually mail the school the report. The state exam provider in Wisconsin, PearsonVUE, mailed our report last week on our students that took the state exam in May, and they passed and we were very pleased. .

These exam reports can be very important for a real estate school, because it can gives the school guidance on how the school is preparing students for the real estate license state exam.  The North Dakota exam provider, AMP, sends the ND Real Estate Commission the school reports and the Commission mails each school their percentage of passing the national portion of the exam, and the state specific portion of the exam.  Our school had the highest percentage of students passing the national portion of the course, but it also showed we need some improvement on the state specific portion of the course.  These reports encouraged us to add additional state specific real estate laws and rules to the course this last month.

Unfortunately, most real estate regulatory commissions do not report the results of their applicants’ success or failure to the individual schools that each student completed the required course. It is practically impossible for schools to get any accurate accounting on their students’ success or failure because many students don’t report their results to the school.  Plus, a school, that has lots of students, it becomes impossible to accurately determine if their students passed or failed the state exam because there is no time element on how quickly a student needs to take the state exam once they have finished the pre-license course, some students wait years.

Florida’s state exam provider is also PearsonVUE, but Florida does not allow schools to receive an individual report on their student’s status. They do report the total number of students that took the pre-license sales associate state exam for first time takers and repeaters.  For first time takers, 50% to 52% pass, and for repeaters, 34% to 35% pass.  These numbers have been around for years.

Having a report on how your students are doing on the state exam can be very helpful to the school, to prepare their students for success on state exams.   We highly encourage regulatory agencies to provide this information to real estate schools.

Frank L. Cooke, Jr.