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The Change in State Exams for Many Students

- Aug 03, 2019      Archive

On December 31, 2015, one of the three real estate exam providers in the United States, PSI bought AMP.  PSI was providing real estate state exams in twenty three states and AMP provided real estate exams in 12 states. The merging of the two has not affected the real estate licensing process until this year. Gradually the previous AMP real estate exams are being revised in a format that PSI has been using for sometime. 

The big change has been the AMP real estate broker's exam which has consisted of simulated exam questions.  In simulated exams, a scenario is created and the student is given a number of options to select in order solve the solution to the scenario given. The student must place each of the options in the correct order.  Points are added and subtracted based on the order they selected for each option.

PSI has revised the process calling their type of assessment "Scenario-Based." In this format the student is given a scenario of a real estate activity and then given six items to grade the important's of the statement.  Points are given are: one point, two points, or zero points. Many of the items are to be given zero points, meaning the zero point options are not applicable to the scenario given. There are various overall points required to pass the exam.

The PSI wanted a process that was easier for the students to understand and easier for the test providers to validate and support their state exam.

Frank Cooke