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The Middle of August Update

- Aug 13, 2013      Archive

August is almost gone and it has been 20 days since my last blog. On Thursday and Friday of this week (August 15 and 16) my wife Beth and I are going to have a booth at the 2013 Florida Association of REALTOR® Convention in Orlando. We have been doing this for a number of years and enjoy seeing our many friends we have in the real estate business.

This year we are going to be announcing our new online courses in Home Inspection and Community Association Manager’s licenses. Plus, we will be announcing our new Promo Code for those attending the Convention. The Promo Code will give registering student candidates a 10% discount on their tuition when registering for any of Cooke’s online license courses by streaming video. All these courses, of course, include the companion textbook for the course. For those that read this Blog, the Promotion Code is: FAR2013. All who read this Blog can take advantage of the promotion. It is good until December 31, 2013.

Also coming out this week is a new designed brochure we are very proud, designed by Stephanie Calkins. Even more exciting is our new redesigned website that we hope to launch within a week or so. Designed by our database administrator, Ben McCrary, with the goal of giving our website a more current appearance, making it easier to navigate, and giving us an easier process to make changes and revisions.

Frank Cooke