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The Question People Ask Real Estate School Owners………

- Feb 15, 2010      Archive

How is your real estate school business?

Students ask instructors, real estate schools ask real estate schools, the real estate school business has been turned upside down over the last five years. Lots of things have been factors, such as the downturn in the real estate market, the upturn in unemployment and the huge change in the way courses are offered.

The huge increases in the number of students into real estate schools in 2003-2006 allowed schools to expand to try to keep up with the number of students desiring to obtain their real estate license. As a result, many schools expanded to keep up with the demand. Unfortunately, in expansion there is an increase in expenses and as a result, this has had a huge impact in the industry.

Besides the real estate school business market down turn, distance learning courses came into play during this time period and are becoming more and more popular which adds to fact of fewer numbers of students in the conventional classroom. As real estate on line course offerings continue to improve their course format, distance learning courses will play a huge role for real estate schools trying to compete in the market place with the “new” real estate schools which have come into the market place. These real estate schools are not the old real estate school entrepreneurs from early years, these are new entrepreneurs coming from an Internet marketing background who have a much better handle on how to market on the Internet.

All of this has certainly benefited the real estate student for the tuition fee for real estate license courses have practically stood still for years. While the value of almost every item in the world has increased, the tuition fee for real estate students has gone nowhere for years and years.

The real estates school business is a challenging business but with challenges there are opportunities and we at Cooke Real Estate School love the challenge this brings to our company as we continue to try to bring the best of real estate education to our current students and future students.

Frank Cooke