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The ever changing world of real estate education

- Dec 19, 2010      Archive

The ever changing world of real estate education made another turn this month with the sale of to Kaplan/Dearborn Real Estate Education Company.

Real Estate School Online has been selling Kaplan/Dearborn online products for a number of years, since Florida allowed distance learning for real estate license education. Real Estate School Online has been owned by Inuvo, a Clearwater, Florida, firm. Inuvo is an expert in online marketing and had taken Real Estate School Online presents on the Internet to new heights, an achievement not accomplished by many older established real estate schools.

In my opinion, this was a great move by Kaplan/Dearborn because now they will have more of a web presents in the real estate school business than they had before. Also, at this point, I do not believe it will hurt existing real estate schools that Dearborn’s not only selling their products to real estate schools but are also a retailer for their products. Real Estate School Online has been a competitor with existing real estate schools for years, selling Dearborn online products right along with other real estate schools. But with this purchase Dearborn will not want to hurt their relationship with their existing partnering real estate schools that have been selling Dearborn’s products for many years and as a result, everyone will benefit.

I do believe that the Kaplan/Dearborn’s RealEstateSchoolOnline purchase shows how important online education is today and how the industry continues to view the importance of distance learning in the real estate license education business.

How will this purchase affect small schools like our own Cooke Real Estate School, one might ask? Yes, Cooke Real Estate School does sell Dearborn products and has for years and will continue to do so. Real Estate School Online has been a competitor for some time and will continue to be so, but Cooke School and other schools will continue to compete by giving excellent service, super pricing and finding and developing products that real estate license students will learn from and enjoy.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School