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The first quarter of 2011 is coming to an soon???

- Mar 14, 2011      Archive

Well we are nearing the end of the first quarter of 2011, and it seems like just yesterday was Christmas and we were just getting excited about leaving 2010 and moving to a new year. All I can say is “WOW” a ¼ of the year is gone already.

Our school's gross tuition fees are ahead of last year by about 12%, which we are looking at as a positive. I have to give credit to our staff for their efforts to give students the best product on the market and to helping students find their success in this wonder world of real estate.

We have submitted the 90 Hour Broker course to West Virginia Real Estate Commission for approval and we are diligently working on the Montana broker course and hope to submit to ARELLO for approval by the end-of-month. We are excited about both these programs because the majority of both courses are based on teaching real broker students the basics of running and managing a real estate office.

In Florida, our 14 hour continuing education course certainly seems to have picked up interest from students with its PDF version of the textbook included in the tuition fee for the course. The more students realize the benefit of this course offering, the more students will take advantage of this program.

The school is in the process moving to the new ARELLO approved platform for our video streaming courses. Alabama is now complete and Mississippi, Montana and North Dakota will shortly follow. The new course certification includes a matching exercise, a course time requirement, a 3 to 1 ratio quiz bank requirement and a course evaluation requirement that each student will have to complete to get credit for the course.

We are all looking forward to the second quarter of this year, as we all feel this is an exciting time for the real estate educational field with newer and better technology coming into the real estate education field, giving students more options of various educational platforms for learning.

Frank Cooke>
Cooke Real Estate School