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Update on what is going on with Cooke Real Estate School this May 2012

- May 23, 2012      Archive

1. At the Sonic Foundry’s annual convention in Madison Wisconsin, our school was a finalist in the Enterprise category regarding our use of Mediasite’s video presentation product and the defining of why the product has been so good for our students and for Cooke Real Estate School.

What is so amazing about this is the fact that the users of Mediasite are universities and colleges all over the world. No educational institutions as small as our firm was even involved in the conference much less winning an award. The Mediasite product is currently being used by over 1,000+ major universities and colleges for their online educational students.

Mark Jennings attended the conference in Wisconsin for our firm and proudly brought back the trophy.

2. Cooke Real Estate School received the renewal certification of the Georgia 75 hour pre-license course by ARELLO this month. ARELLO is an excellent process for our school because it helps put our courses through a rigorous certification process, which in turn, makes our courses better for all our students. All Cooke video presentation courses go through analysis and evaluation regularly, nothing stays static, as the school is constantly working to improve all of our programs for all our students.

3. The Kentucky 96 hour course has been completed and is being forward to ARELLO for certification and then on to the Kentucky Real Estate Commission shortly afterwards.

Frank Cooke