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We are now about 45 days into 2021 and there are still lots of hurdles to overcome .......BUT....

- Feb 18, 2021      Archive

......Americans are starting to feel there is hope on the horizon.   The biggest driving issue on this hope feeling is that people are interacting with each other regarding the vaccination.   The first question of discussion these days is, “Have you received the vaccination yet?”.  The good news is some people have, and that gives hope to others that they too will be able to receive the vaccination soon.

Today almost everyone knows someone that has been affected by COVID, and many know someone who has passed from the disease.  Being of an old age, Beth Cooke and I both got vaccinated, and had our second shot over a week ago.  Of course, there are some people that do not want to be vaccinated for various reasons.  And, for those who have decided not to be vaccinated, in my personal opinion, would think differently if they saw a friend or relative test positive, become very ill, and then see the pain, suffering before the end of life.  My wife Beth and I, unfortunately, have experienced this part of COVID-19.
We are so lucky that technology is so advance to enable vaccines to be developed so quickly.  So, let’s get everyone vaccinated as soon as we can.  Do not procrastinate, don’t let the opportunity to get vaccinated pass by.  It isn’t fake news, it isn’t all about a media frenzy, it is about your life, and the ones you love. 
Be safe and mask up! 

Frank Cooke