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Website Develop for Real Estate Agents

- May 10, 2010      Archive

In today’s world, every real estate agents needs to have their own website. But learning how to do it and what to do is always and issue.

Here are my thoughts on this important subject. As the owner of Cooke Real Estate School, the computer and I initially didn’t work. I fought even using the computer initially, in fact, at the time I was in partnership with another individual when the computer world came into the business and real estate world, and that person got upset with me many times, because I didn’t like the using the computer, much less the Internet.

As time went on and I finally realized the importance of the computer and the Internet I decided the real estate school needed a website. Since that time, our firm is now on its, third website version and probably needs a fourth. But here are some important things I can pass on that might help.

Get a professional to design your website with these ideas in mine. Make sure:
a. visitors to your website can easily find what they are looking for.
b. to have your phone number easily visible.
c. your domain name is easy to type, easy to remember and be as close in name as possible to your product.
d. the software the website developer uses will allow YOU to change and update basic information on the website. Updating and keeping the website current is so important but to hire someone to do this is very costly and not as effective because is very difficult to find someone who knows your business better than you. This aspect of the website development is probably the most important item in creating a successful and profitable website.
e. to pay close attention to the title, descriptions and keywords to each web page to reflect the information on that page.
f. NOT to use sound and flash on the site website because websites with sound usually have significantly higher bounce rate, meaning visitors hit one page on the site and immediately leave. Many times I will be searching for a subject and run across a sound website and I am not ready for sound and this sound seems invasive and I immediately exit the site.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School