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What Does It Take to Pass the State Exam?

- May 27, 2011      Archive

Students ask me all the time, what does it take to pass the course and pass the real estate state exam? As the owner of Cooke Real Estate School, I always give each student my best advice, such as:
•review the course presentation, not just once, but twice.
•go over all the quiz questions and supplemental questions in the course.
•read the companion textbook of the course front to back.
•go over the vocabulary glossary and understand each word(s).
•review the math areas and be able understand the math arithmetic.
•read the license laws and rules of the state.

One does not have to be a Phi Beta Kappa to obtain a real estate license. BUT anyone with an equivalent of a high school diploma has the potential to obtain a real estate license.

The pre-license course and the state exam are required because state regulators want to see if real estate students have a basic understanding of the real estate brokerage business before getting into the business. State regulators just want their real estate licensees to be knowledgeable about the real estate business, so real estate licensees don’t go out and hurt the public.

Over the years, 40 to be exact, I have observed some students that just have a hard time passing the state exam. Students find that the wording on the state exam is designed to make sure students understand the concepts rather the exam being a rote memory exercise. Some multiple choice questions seem to have two answers that would be correct. Students need to know the course material backwards and forward. State exams have a huge bank of questions so students need to fully understand concepts, so no matter what type of questions they encounter; they have the knowledge to answer the questions correctly.

The key to success in any field, including real estate, is persistence and work and that goes for the real estate state exam as well. To pass, students have just got to put in the time and energy to fully understand the course material. Cooke’s streaming video courses are a real plus for students that are auditory or visual learners, because you can see and hear the presentation and lecture.
,br> Cooke Real Estate School wants all our students to find success in the course, on the state exam and in the wonderful world of real estate, but it all get down to Persistence and Work.

Frank L. Cooke, Jr
Cooke Real Estate School